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Unsind instructions - important information about our products

Quick to read

If you require information regarding the use of soothers or feeding bottle teats or about what safety precautions should be observed when using our cups, you can click here to download the information that you’re looking for.

Some instructions are valid for a complete product group – for example pacifiers. In case that informations are only valid for specific articles, the PDFs contain the article number of the product the instructions are valid for.

For feeding bottles

For all BABY-NOVA feeding bottles.

Gebrauchshinweise Babyflaschen (ca. 480 KB)

For Pacifiers

For all BABY-NOVA pacifiers.

Gebrauchshinweise Beruhigungssauger (ca. 477 KB)

For Bottle Teats

For all BABY-NOVA bottle teats.

Gebrauchshinweise Flaschensauger (ca. 506 KB)

For cutlery

For simple spoons and cutlery sets.

Gebrauchshinweise_Kinderbesteck (ca. 338 KB)

For Non-Spill Cup

For all BABY-NOVA Trainer Cups.

Gebrauchshinweise Tropf-Stopp-Becher (ca. 482 KB)

For Straw Cups

For all BABY-NOVA Straw Cups.

Gebrauchshinweise Strohhalmbecher (ca. 480 KB)

For Trainer Cup

For alle BABY-NOVA Trainer Cups.

Gebrauchshinweise Trinklerbecher (ca. 482 KB)

For soother holder and chains

For all Baby-Nova soother holder and chains.

Gebrauchshinweise Schnullerbänder und -ketten (ca. 475 KB)